CWare offers economic, policy assessment and environmental services for EU, NGOs, Industry Associations and other corporations. CWare is a true networking company that works closely with other smaller companies and experts to offer our clients the most optimal combination of expertise.


We are experts in conducting Socio-economic analysis, Cost-benefit analysis, feasibility studies, LCA, market and strategic analysis, scenario techniques. We have been successful in applying such methods to a range of sectors e.g. Environment, R&D, Space applications, large infrastructure - and for different type of customers spanning from European Commission, European Space Agency, private institutions and large corporations.



We are fascinated about the idea of valuing the invaluable and have together with our partner ApEHR in Copenhagen developed the 'Externality Wheel' to support businesses in understanding their socio-economic and environmental impact. By applying a benchmarking tool businesses can monitor progress of how they impact and interface with the socio-economic context in which they operate.



Birgitte Holt Andersen holds a Master degree in Economics and a PhD in Corporate Strategy. She has profound experience with the EU, working as Commission staff at the DG Research - Joint Research Centre and DG TREN (Galileo Unit). Likewise, she has worked intensively with projects for the European Space Agency (ESA) in relation to the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) Programme. Through her employment with the EC and later as Chief Project Manager, Dr. Holt Andersen has extensive experience with European policies from leading assignments for various DG’s in particular DG REGIO and EIB/Jaspers, DG MOVE and DG ENV.


Dr. Holt Andersen has more than 25 years of international experience working with and for the EC, ESA, EIB, EEA, OECD, ESO as well as private industry alongside a solid project management experience.

CWare has its office in Waterloo just outside Brussels, Belgium.

Postal Address:

Dreve Richelle 168

B-1410 Waterloo, Belgium

email: info@cware.be

General manager:

Dr. Birgitte Holt Andersen

GSM: +32 4 76343386

email: bgha@cware.be